Creative Arts Services

Sunday Experience Bundle

Animated Series Graphics

You make every effort to pursue the Lord on what he is saying to your congregation on a weekly basis. And once you’ve landed on your topic and fleshed out a good title, we will make it come alive with an animated editorial illustration that captures the essence and direction of your series. Each graphic will be animated in a way that enhances the message and accompanied by instrumental music that fits the feel and tone of the series. Along with the graphics needed for promoting your next series, you’ll also get a facebook header for your page with your service times clearly displayed.

Weekly Sermon Title Graphics

Each week, we will edit your graphic, wether static or animated, to have the sermon title included in the art. This gives your sermon media strong continuity. We also create a slide for your accompanying notes/verses with a low-contrast background.

Style Guide

You have a unique personality as a congregation and community. Our style guide will eliminate inconsistencies in your branding and give fresh creative space for all work going forward. We create an intentional guide for all design work based on our meetings.

Weekly Bulletin

Your weekly bulletin is a powerful tool for communicating the most important details. Wether it be to let the congregation know who to talk to for each ministry or to highlight the weeks special events. We will develop a weekly bulletin format that fits with your mission and vision. Each week, we will customize the bulletin with the current desired details.

Event Promo Package and Print media

You put a lot of effort into planning special events for your congregation and community and we want you to have maximum engagement.

Each Promo Package will  include graphics for social media, web site, in-service scroll and a printed flyer/card. Each promo will be designed with the relevant details, artwork, and written to be clear and easy to remember.

Internal Print Materials

This includes connection cards, tithe/offering envelopes, as well as church and individual ministry brochures. Having a cohesive brand makes a real impact on the minds of your guests.

You can also create a custom package by adding products from the list below. The monthly cost is listed for each item.

Similar to a bulletin but with more flare, and perfect for sticking to the fridge.

Service package design. Includes theme graphic with animated and static versions for promotion and in-service use.

  • Mailer/Promo design
  • Branded Social Media Countdown package
  • Consultation to help plan dynamic media and overall vision

Get the total package for your church’s main logo as well as your primary ministry logos along with a style guide to cover everything.

Includes a complete site design that fits your individual church’s vision, and identity.

Includes adding any promotions, event graphics, calendar updates, blog posts, and sermon media.

Includes a complete assessment of your sites current SEO state and execution of beneficial adjustments.

Video Announcement Shoot: Includes on site video shoot of all required announcements with green wall or a location of your choice.

Video Announcement Edit: Includes promo graphics, music and all required media.

An asset that can be used in so many different ways. We’ll capture the essence of your Sunday experience in a stylish and branded video.  Ideally used for video bumper & social media promotion.

Nothing beats a personal invitation or testimony. Share about your upcoming series, special service or event, and special testimonies in a clean and aesthetic video.

These can be shared on social media as well as shown in your Sunday service.

We will discuss your video needs to determine how many you would like to add to your bundle.